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Expectation for a Respectful, Equality and Courteous Treatment is Within Our Right!

An Open Letter from the Fair and Responsible Governance Alliance

The Fair and Responsible Governance Alliance (FARGA) is asking for your financial support for a legal action to challenge the authority of City of Toronto’s by law enactment against shark fins. The action will include other municipalities.

Chinese Canadians is one of the significant, contributing groups of Canada’s nation building process. Our ancestors have contributed dearly to the construction of the CPR linking the far and wide geography which formed the base of the Canadian Dominion. In the process, we have suffered significant hardship and overcome many challenges to become part of the Canadian fabric.

We are deeply hurt by the shark fin banning process associating the Chinese Canadians with the consumption of illegally finned shark fin trade, alleging Chinese Canadians being not law abiding citizens. Many hatred remarks against the Chinese Canadians has since emerged stirring up a new round of tensions of an otherwise the best country in the world for racial harmony.

Most recently, Toronto along with a few other municipalities in Ontario were subjected to some special interest groups’ intensive lobbying efforts of banning the sales, possession and consumption of shark fins and related by products. These municipalities’ governance councils were provided with inaccurate and/or partial information on the issue resulted in either statements or by law enactments against shark fins. These lobbyists, out of their own frustration of unable to achieve their agenda at the international level, decided to take the issue in their own hand. They focus on the elimination of demand for shark fin; a product the Chinese around the world is willing to pay a premium price for the legally harvested shark by product. In their process, they have shown no objection to make available the rest of the sharks for meat, cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes!

The mission of the Alliance is to monitor, address and take necessary action on unjust, unfair and irresponsible statements, action and policies by all levels of governments and non-government organizations in Canada. It is a non-profit, non-patrician organization prompt into action due to the most recent by-law enactment against Shark Fin in Toronto and other municipalities.

It is not about Shark Fins, it is about the bullying, disrespectful approach taken by the special interest groups in the lobbying efforts of banning the shark fins stirring up a series of hatred remarks against the Chinese Canadians.

The Alliance condemns the illegal, cruel and despicable practice of “finning”, whereby sharks are removed from the ocean, have their fins cut off and their bodies thrown back into the water, where they drown due to lack of mobility. We would like everyone to be aware that this barbaric act is not acceptable, nor tolerated by any civilized society and that the Alliance would like to remain firm on this position. The Alliance also believes any attempt to ban the sales, possession and consumption of the shark fins from legally harvested means is unfair, unjust and in fact discriminatory.

Your generous contribution is much needed to right the wrongs!

Yours truly,

Benedict Leung John Leung Stephen Chu Kenny Wan
FARGA Co-chair FARGA Co-chair Gala Co-Chair Gala Co-Chair