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Mission & Vision


To ensure the law developed by the Canadian Government is fair and responsible, and built upon knowledge and understanding of the community.


To observe government follow rules and processes that ensures proper and fair procedures for making a decision.

To promote the importance of building of an effective justice system.

To ensure government law is developed under authority.

To ensure rules of procedural fairness where decision-maker must “hear and listen to the other side.

To create an environment in this country in which the rights of all individuals are fully recognized and protected.

To ensure law is developed with the understanding of the community and its harmony.

To promote a greater understanding of how the law affects everyday activities and to facilitate self-help skills.

To act as a clearinghouse for information about the law by promoting awareness of and access to legal resources in the community.

Targeted Initiatives:

Public Awareness and Education

Youth Education and Activism

Resource support for researchers on fairness governance

Assist in resolving conflicts and disagreement between individuals and government departments under unfair and irresponsible law.